What is the Arizona Medicaid program?

By May 4, 2011Uncategorized

Due to its complexity, we really cannot go over the Arizona Medicaid program too many times on this blog.  When you stop and think about all of the people that the Arizona Medicaid program helps, not to mention all of the rules that govern the Arizona Medicaid program, you begin to realize just how complex the system really is.  And while the purpose of this blog is to educate about just one branch of the Arizona Medicaid program, there is really much more to Arizona Medicaid than just ALTCS.

As we have discussed in the past, the Arizona Medicaid program is referred to as Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).  Within AHCCCS, there are several branches of the Arizona Medicaid program that provide health care to specific groups of qualifying individuals.  However, the Arizona Medicaid program once provided coverage to many more groups of people than it does today, as budget cuts have caused it to freeze, or even eliminate, certain coverages.

Recent changes in the law have triggered a phase out of two branches of the Arizona Medicaid program.  Under the new law, the Arizona Medicaid program will no longer accept applications from parents without children, nor will it accept applications from individuals with excessive medical bills, but who do not otherwise meet the program’s income requirement.  Further, the Arizona Medicaid program has put a freeze on KidsCare, the branch of the Arizona Medicaid program that once insured Arizona children whose parents did not qualify for Medicaid.

There is one more branch to the Arizona Medicaid program, ALTCS. Importantly, this branch of the Arizona Medicaid program that has neither been eliminated nor frozen. Despite all of the budget cuts and political debate in the state, policymakers seem to agree that ALTCS needs to remain available to Arizonans who require expensive long-term health care.

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