What do Arizona probate attorneys do?

By May 10, 2011Uncategorized

Arizona probate attorneys help clients accomplish a variety of objectives, ranging from basic estate planning to trust administration to will challenges.  And in all of these areas, Arizona probate attorneys are uniquely qualified, as they have familiarity with the specific rules and requirements that apply to the probate system.  So if you have legal questions or issues that involve the probate court in any manner, bear in mind that an Arizona probate attorney is most likely the best equipped to handle your case.

Arizona probate attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle estate planning issues because they regularly deal with the probate process, and should thus have a firm grasp on the types of planning tools that could successfully accomplish your probate goals.  Even if your ultimate objective is to avoid probate, an Arizona probate attorney should be able to present you with a range of options to help you satisfy your planning goals.

For obvious reasons, Arizona probate attorneys are also uniquely qualified to help personal representatives navigate the probate process.  But in addition to helping personal representatives, Arizona probate attorneys are also uniquely qualified to help trustees with trust administration.  As with personal representatives, trustees have specific fiduciary duties they are obligated to fulfill, and Arizona probate attorneys should be familiar with these duties and able to give good counsel to trustees.

Arizona probate attorneys are also helpful in will challenges and disputes with trust administration.  When family members feel that an estate is being handled contrary to the decedent’s wishes, an Arizona probate attorney can be instrumental in bringing justice to the situation.  Likewise, when personal representatives or trustees are challenged for adhering to the decedent’s wishes, Arizona probate attorneys can help them stand their ground.

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