Where to find Arizona conservatorship forms

By May 11, 2011Uncategorized

If you are looking for Arizona conservatorship forms, then your first stop ought to be the Maricopa County Superior Court’s Website, online at www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov.  Of course, obtaining Arizona conservatorship forms and knowing what to do with Arizona conservatorship forms are two different things altogether.  Even if you already know that you need to establish a conservatorship, for instance, you may not realize that having a conservator appointed will require much more from you than merely filling out Arizona conservatorship forms.

In short, the court will not establish a conservatorship merely because you fill out Arizona conservatorship forms.  Rather, after you file the petition with the court, the court will hold a hearing, weigh all of the evidence, and only then appoint a conservator if it agrees that the person for whom you are concerned really needs a conservator.  In other words, if you expect that the conservatorship proceeding will amount to little more than paperwork, you are in for a surprise.

A conservatorship proceeding can be complicated indeed, but this should not prevent you from seeking a conservatorship if it would benefit the person for whom you are concerned.  A conservatorship attorney can help you with the entire process, from executing the Arizona conservatorship forms to advocating your position in the conservatorship hearing.  So before you try to track down those Arizona conservatorship forms yourself, consider consulting with a qualified conservatorship attorney about your situation.