Governor signs new Arizona probate law

By May 16, 2011Uncategorized

For months now we have been talking about the various proposals to change Arizona probate law.  The last time we discussed the issue, the House and the Senate had each passed a bill that would affect Arizona probate law, and they had sent their respective bills to the Governor’s office for approval.  And, as expected, during the final days of April, Governor Brewer signed both the House Bill and the Senate Bill into law.

While the bills were both modified from their initial draft, they should nevertheless have quite an impact on Arizona probate law.  If you recall, HB 2424 created a legislative review panel that will serve the following functions:

  • Review the activities of Arizona probate courts.
  • Receive and review complaints from the public and probate attorneys about probate judges and probate courts.
  • Develop training standards for probate judges.
  • Submit annual reports on how to improve Arizona probate law to the Governor, the Arizona Supreme Court, and to both houses of the state legislature.

Senate Bill 1499 could have an even bigger impact on Arizona probate law than the House Bill.  Some of the changes that SB 1499 will bring include:

  • It will require guardians and conservators to submit budgets to the probate court.
  • It will create fee guidelines for fiduciaries.
  • It will require that services and costs benefit vulnerable adults.

One thing is for certain; it has not been a quick path to these changes in Arizona probate law.  Let’s hope that the new legislation has the intended affect of improving Arizona probate law.  Time will tell…

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