Need help filling out a long-term care application?

By May 23, 2011Uncategorized

It is no simple task filling out a long-term care application.  In fact, statistically speaking, ALTCS is much more likely to deny your application for long-term care coverage than it is to approve it.  Specifically, nearly three out of every four ALTCS applicants who fill out a long-term care application are denied approval.  Of course, while these statistics are probably discouraging if you are in need of long-term health care, there are measures you can take that will help you prepare your long-term care application.

A good starting point would be for you to determine how close you are to qualifying for the ALTCS benefit.  In addition to the medical requirement that you must be at risk of needing care in a nursing facility, there are specific financial requirements that you should also meet before you turn in your long-term care application.  As to income, you can have no more than $2,022 per month; and as to resources, you can have no more than $2,000 of countable resources.

If you already meet these requirements, then now is certainly a good time to submit your long-term care application to the ALTCS office.  If, however, you do not yet satisfy these requirements, you should prepare a long-term strategy that will help you qualify with as little delay as possible.  JacksonWhite offers an online long-term care planning program, at, that is an excellent resource, particularly if you are very close to meeting the eligibility requirements.  If MyALTCS spots issues that will prevent you from qualifying for the program, it will provide you with helpful tips, or direct you to call an Elder Law attorney at JacksonWhite for assistance.

Of course, if you would rather speak directly with an Elder Law attorney about preparing your long-term care application, you can always call JacksonWhite directly at (480) 818-6912.