An Arizona guardianship lawyer can help with advance healthcare directives

Any Arizona guardianship lawyer will tell you that guardianship proceedings typically arise from an unforeseen exigency.  In other words, most people do not plan on needing a guardian at some future time.  Rather, most people who need guardians did not let their families know how they would like their medical affairs to be handled.  Then, if these individuals lose capacity to make their medical decisions, their loved ones must petition the court with an Arizona guardianship lawyer so that a guardian can step in and make these decisions for them.

But the role of an Arizona guardianship lawyer goes beyond just helping families establish guardianships when unforeseen circumstances arise.  An Arizona guardianship lawyer can also help individuals make advance preparations that might keep them from ever requiring a guardian’s services.  Specifically, an Arizona guardianship lawyer can help individuals prepare advance health care directives so that their families will know how to proceed in the event that they lose capacity to communicate or express their health care wishes.

The first type of health care directive that an Arizona guardianship lawyer can help establish is a living will.  A living will is basically an official statement with respect to any life-sustaining or serious medical procedures that you wish or wish not to have.  So long as the living will is validly formed and executed, health care professionals are bound to abide by its instructions.  The second type of health care directive that an Arizona guardianship lawyer can help with is a durable health care power of attorney, under which you can appoint somebody to make your health care decisions in the event that you become unable to do so personally.  So long as the appointed agent remains willing and able to act, this tool could well preclude the need for a guardianship.

By calling an Arizona guardianship lawyer in advance, you could very well save your family the burden of establishing a guardianship on your behalf in the future.  Regardless, it is always a good idea to plan for the future, and an Arizona guardianship lawyer can help you with these plans.  To schedule a consultation with an Arizona guardianship lawyer, do not hesitate to contact JacksonWhite, by calling (480) 818-6912.