Mortgage relief for Arizona veterans

By June 9, 2011Veterans

Serving in our nation’s armed forces is a demanding job that may require members to make many sacrifices.  But, in addition to the unique rewards that only veterans can fully enjoy, there are a variety of benefits offered by the Veterans Administration, as well as other organizations, that are only available to veterans.  We talk a lot on this blog about one such benefit, Pension, which is one of many Veterans Administration benefits available to veterans who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Arizona veterans should realize that in addition to Veterans Administration benefits, their status as a veteran might qualify them for special treatment from other organizations as well.  A prime example of this is Fannie Mae’s recent announcement that certain veterans qualify for mortgage relief for up to six months.  Fannie Mae recognizes that many families are having difficulty keeping up with mortgage payments in this economic climate, and is thus offering a forbearance program specifically to veterans.  And, Arizona veterans may participate in this program without jeopardizing other Veterans Administration benefits, such as Pension.

As with most other Arizona VA benefits, Fannie Mae’s forbearance program requires more than mere veteran status to qualify for the benefit.  Veterans must demonstrate that they have an actual financial need for the forbearance in order to participate.  Fannie Mae has established a hotline to answer veterans’ questions about the program, which can be reached at 1-877-MIL-4566.  Veterans with questions about additional Arizona VA benefits should speak with a veterans’ benefit lawyer about options they may have.