Legal guardianship: Arizona guardianships 101

A tool that might help you obtain appropriate medical care for a person close to you is a legal guardianship.  Arizona has specific laws surrounding guardianships, however, so to obtain a legal guardianship, Arizona residents must closely adhere to the pertinent rules.  This begins with filing a petition for a legal guardianship – Arizona residents must file this petition with the court in order to establish a guardianship.  The next step to establishing a legal guardianship Arizona residents need to know is demonstrating to the court that a guardian is indeed necessary.  Only if the court agrees that a guardian is necessary will it establish a legal guardianship.

What if the court agrees that the person for whom you are concerned requires a legal guardianship?  Arizona law, as you might have guessed, places many strictures on guardians to prevent them from taking advantage of the ward under a legal guardianship.  Arizona law can impose civil and criminal consequences on guardians who abuse their position of responsibility under a legal guardianship.  Arizona also has strict accounting procedures in place to make sure that guardians act exclusively in wards’ best interest.

You should speak with a guardianship attorney if you decide to pursue a legal guardianship.  Arizona guardianship attorneys, JacksonWhite, have practiced in this area for many years, and can be a great service to you as you go down this path.  Do not hesitate to call JacksonWhite at (480) 818-6912 to discuss your situation in greater detail.