Federal assistance to fight Arizona veteran homelessness

By June 16, 2011Veterans

It is all too common to see a homeless person holding a sign saying something like, “Veteran.  Please help.”  This, of course, is evidence of the sad truth that homelessness is a serious problem among Arizona veterans.  By some estimates, in fact, veterans are significantly more likely to become homeless than non-veterans.  And while this problem has been identified for some time now, immediate solutions are not readily apparent.  However, the federal government strives not to abandon those who have served our country, and it has recently released federal dollars to fight in the war against veteran homelessness.

Earlier this week, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs jointly announced that public housing authorities around the country would be receiving the final installment of the VA Supportive Housing Program.  The program has provided $75 million to fight veteran homelessness over the years, and this final installment is for $5.4 million.  Fortunately for Arizona Veterans, the City of Phoenix Housing Department is among the Public Housing Authorities that will receive a portion of this disbursement.

The City of Phoenix Housing Department won a bid for ten housing vouchers.  And while this may seem like a nominal amount, there will be ten Arizona veterans who will now have a way off of the streets and into a home.

Arizona veterans who do not deal with homelessness sometimes face difficulties of their own.  And whether or not they realize it, the VA may offer valuable assistance that could help their situation.  Health care, for instance, is an issue that many Arizonans struggle with, Arizona veterans included.  And while obtaining health care rarely comes cheap or easy, the VA offers benefit programs to help Arizona veterans who cannot afford the cost of their care.  One such program is known as the Aid & Attendance benefit , which provides cash assistance to qualifying veterans who already receive another VA benefit, known as VA Pension.

If you are a veteran, you may be missing out on benefits that you do not even know exist.  Until you look into what the VA offers, you will never know for sure whether you qualify for assistance.  To learn more about Arizona VA benefits, contact JacksonWhite, by calling (480) 818-6912.