By July 17, 2011Probate

ALTCS Medicaid has very strict rules about the amount of resources you can have and still qualify for the benefit.  For instance, if you are single, you can have no more than $2,000 in non-exempt resources.  Despite this resource limit, however, you can qualify for the ALTCS benefit with the help of a Medicaid attorney even if you own a home, with certain limitations.  So long as the home is your primary place of residence, and that home is worth no more than $500,000, you can still qualify for Arizona Medicaid.

You should be fully aware, however, that even though you can qualify for ALTCS Medicaid as a homeowner, your home might become subject to what is called a TEFRA lien.  Arizona Medicaid can place a TEFRA lien on your home in the event that you become a permanent resident of a long-term medical facility, and the lien remains in place unless you are discharged from the facility to return home.

While Arizona Medicaid will not enforce the lien if you have any intention of returning home, it can enforce the lien if you sell the home or if you pass away.  As such, if you hope to keep the home in your family for generations to come, you should speak with an Arizona ALTCS attorney about your options.